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We provide two key product and services for both the Government Hospitals as well as the Private Hospitals i.e.;


Digital Image and Report Management System  (Brochure)

MediView is simple fast, reliable and efficient image and report management software for ultrasound, color Doppler, video endoscope, laparoscope, Uretheroscope, Arthroscope, sinusscope, Endo cameras, Image intensifiers and electron microscopes etc.

MediView is brought to you by a dedicated team of technologist backed by a panel of healthcare experts. The tool prints on normal inkjet papers with photographic resolutions. Substantial cost savings in comparison to thermal paper, photo paper or film outputs. Background subtraction to print only the informative area and save consumable.

Using MediView you can Customize /create your reports using dynamic report builder to suit your personal reporting style and deliver reports in seconds. Clip , zoom and resize images on reports for added emphasis of the informative area. Export images along with reports onto floppy disks and CD ROMs .

Medinet - MediView

The Tool provides all the features of MediView and in addition includes the option of Multiple Capturing Station


• Scanning and Indexing
• Archiving and Searching
• Viewing and Printing
• Retrieval and Display
• Cost saving on documentation and printing
• Capture, process and print of medical images and reports
• Capture and edit streaming videos
• Structured archiving of medical images and reports


MediView helps experts capture, store and archive medical images (both stills and video streams) and also automates the process of report generation.
• Accesses progressive clinical findings and medical records through a well-structured archival system.
• Image drag and drop and video clip export on click.
• User friendly, powerful image display and processing utilities with quick and easy interface.
• Preserves patient records on storage devices like CD ROMs.
• Medical reports along with high quality images printed using inkjet printer.
• Powerful "Dynamic Report builder" tool to create/customize reports.
• Over 400 satisfied clients in India and abroad.
• Domain expertise from a panel of doctors.

Electronic Patient Medical Records Management System

We also provide bespoke development for e-Patient Records for Hospitals together with Patient Records conversion and indexing.