Corporate Profile
The company started in 1974 as sole proprietor by its founder, Tuan Haji Ahmad Bin Achil to answer the call from the government for bumiputra to participate in services business particularly in transportation and shipping related business.

With the encouragement and support given by the government and other agencies, business communities and colleague in similar industry, the company kept expanding that we found it necessary to incorporate the company on 29th September 1979.

In it's 23 years of operations, the company has continuously striven for perfection. It's track-record reflects this-with recognition within the industry, from peers, customers and competitors. The company has been engaged in many government projects thru TNB, Telekom, Petronas and others ministries.

These were possible with the classification of the company as the Bumiputra contractor in many services as ship broker, tug boat operator, transporter, custom brokerage and packing company. This permit is valid till 2005.

In September 2002, company was officially sold to Puan Salmah Nordin and Zainal Mohamad Sam. With the vast experience, Puan Salmah took has initiated to restructure the company and re-locate to North Port nearer with the industry infrastructure.

The main goal of this company was to become the international logistics solution providers. The range of services consists from the operating of customers warehouses, managing their supply chain, freighting, transportation, distribution, custom brokerage and even door to door delivery with time commitment and etc.


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