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In line with the PAAB's commitment towards quality excellence and in tandem with the rapid changing Information technology and increasingly demanding customers requirement, the PAAB embarked on a major system to implement an integrated logistics system known as SysFreight.. The system shall further improve our productivity and provide better and more efficient services to our customers.

Our newly tracking system shall able provide our customers (and their customers) individual and secure access to information about their freight.

Inbound goods can be tracked if PAAB is acting as your broker or if we are able to extract the respective data from our customer or a third party. This tracing provides duty information, commercial invoice breakdowns, Customs related dates, etc. .

If PAAB is your forwarder we can provide you with tracing on your export shipments. Export tracing includes vessel/airline shipping information, proof of delivery (POD), Shipper Export Declaration(SED), etc. .

Warehouse information is available as well. This service can be customized to fulfill specific needs. Such customization includes, but is not limited to, on-hand reports, transaction reports, and creating loads or pick lists.


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